Wedding Dress Rental and Sales Store, Riyadh

Productive Families Program

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Ruqayyah Abdo Jabali Khal tells how she began her business of wedding dress rentals and sales.

I entertained this idea when I saw my pricey wedding dress ending up hung in a closet. So, I decided to sell it and I advertised it in some forums and included a picture and the asking price. It was sold within a week. So I started thinking of selling some of my sisters’ soiree dresses and the sales materialized. I thought of the number of women who owned wedding dresses, and wished to sell or rent them, and thought of young women who were about to get married and whose circumstances did not allow them to buy new bridal dresses. What followed was that I decided to specialize in renting and selling such dresses, whereby I would rent or buy dresses for particular wedding nights and afterwards I would rent them out, or sell them to interested women.

The business was rewarding and I compiled a respectable database of women who desired to rent or buy their wedding dresses. Since my sister had benefited from the Supporting Productive Households program at Bab Rizq Jameel, I also sought their help when my homebased business evolved and I needed support to open a store in a shopping center. The store would allow me to reach the largest number of clients possible. Since that program is based on the principle of collective lending, it gave me support, within a group of five other women, to set up a business for renting and selling wedding dresses in Riyadh’s Popular Village Market. Bab Rizq Jameel helped Ruqayyah increase her sales and thereby secure an income, which guaranteed a decent living for her family and herself. She is grateful to the program and what it offers in the way of support to families. She calls upon housewives, who desire to establish microbusinesses from their homes, to use what talents God endowed them with, and make use of the Program in support of the family’s breadwinner shouldering life’s responsibilities, which are becoming harder day after day.

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