Popular and Arab Food Restaurant, Dammam

Productive Families Program

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Huda Abdullah Al-Ghamdi received the financial support needed to open the restaurant of her dreams.

“The solution to a problem you face, or to a dilemma that worries you, can be right in front of your eyes sometimes, but you will not realize this unless God Wills it. These pearls of wisdom are only expressed by whoever lives their meaning and witnesses them with their own eyes.” With these words, Huda Abdullah Al-Ghamdi narrated her success story. She said, “I became renowned among friends and family as a good cook. I often visited a friend, who would not serve me a meal, but had some vegetables, meat and other ingredients ready for a dish we agreed to prepare together. Instead of sitting in a women’s living room, we would go to the kitchen where I displayed my skill and amazed my hostess. With time, some women would ask me to prepare meals to impress their husbands’ guests, instead of ordering food from restaurants. Word spread and I became known among them as “Chef Huda”. The thought of income was enticing, so I considered opening a restaurant where I could show my skills in selecting recipes, mixing spices and food presentation. I didn’t have the necessary financing so I asked for support from several sources to ope the restaurant. But all was in vain because lenders imposed impossible demands. One of my friends, sensing my despair, told me that her husband worked at Bab Rizq Jameel and he had told her that the program backed small enterprises. She advised me to consult the program to find out about all the details. So, I went to the Dammam branch, apprehensive that my chances for monetary backing would not be any different than before. There, I met the person in charge of the program to support small enterprises and she explained the program and the conditions for applying. The seven items on the list of requirements were simple and easy to meet instantly. I fulfilled all the conditions, my application was approved and I was given the financial support I needed. I was able to open the restaurant of my dreams. As is typical for any new project, the income was modest at first. But the restaurant soon earned a good reputation and became popular among good food lovers, because it served food that combined the traditional with the healthy at reasonable prices.

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