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Mounira Al-Balwi’s specialized in ‘special needs learning’ and established a school for teaching children with special needs.

Mounira Al-Balwi’s decision to specialize in ‘special needs learning’ in graduate school was not a coincidence, but in adherence to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) who said: “The best of you are the most beneficial to people”. Right after she received her university degree she began to set her plan to establish a school for teaching children with special learning needs in motion. She prepared a feasibility study revealing she had all the elements of success, including her sincere desire, the qualified staff to help the special-needs children, and above all, a sense of moral responsibility towards them and their families, which suffered in silence as they cared for them wishing there was a remedy to help them. But, unfortunately, Mounira lacked the most important requisite, the needed capital, for her project to see the light. Bab Rizq Jameel, being a community initiative, stepped in, and did not hesitate to provide the financial support when Mounira presented her idea.

With God’s grace she established a centre for autistic children that included a section for daytime learning and early intervention, to school children ranging from newborns to teenagers. It also includes a very important facility, which dealt with handicaps, the centre for behavioural change.

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