Productive Family Financing

Group Financing for Women

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For Women in Business

Finance for women invested in their future and the future of their families. 

Productive Family Financing
Productive Family Financing

Funding up to SAR 50,000

Secure funding starting from SAR 20,000 with fixed monthly instalments of up to 20 months.

Typical applicants include

Groups of 3 to 5 Saudi National women or women with a statutory iqama between 17 to 70 years of age who are actively involved in enterprise.
Productive Family Financing

Eligibility And Required Documents

Productive Family Financing Eligibility

  • Ongoing enterprise, skills in a certain field, or launch plans
  • The group must comprise 3 to 5 Saudi women
  • Non-Saudi applicants may be accepted with an iqama
  • Group must be engaged in one business
  • Proof of residency: lease, utility bill, phone bill, title deed identification by the mayor 

Required Documents

  • Copy of national ID or iqama 
  • Statement from social insurance or civil status
  • Proof of residency
  • Title deeds if necessary

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